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A healthy built environment can optimise your communities health and wellbeing. Take a look at some of our most notable projects and be inspired.


The Australian Prime Property Fund (APPF) Commercial, managed by Lendlease Investment Management, was the first fund in Australia to ever be awarded a 6 Star Green Star – Performance rating across its portfolio of assets.

We’ve been there from the start. We worked in collaboration with the Lend Lease project team to clearly define the most suitable ergonomics furniture for the intended users of the fit out space. Using their existing ergonomics program, we were able to build a training package for the users that enabled them to use their new space with comfort.

Key learning’s from project:

  • The use of lockers and suitable sizes.
  • Identification of what is a primary space and what is a secondary space.

References / quotes:

The rating from the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) recognises the quality of the office buildings and precincts within APPF Commercial as well as Lendlease’s commitment to sustainability and innovation.

“Becoming the first Australian 6 Star Green Star portfolio is testament to APPF Commercial’s continued leadership in owning and operating high performance green buildings,” said Josh McHutchison, Managing Director of Lendlease’s Australian Investment Management business.”

Romilly Madew, CEO of GBCA said: “Since Green Star was launched in 2002, Lendlease has demonstrated an industry-leading approach to sustainability in the built environment in Australia and around the globe.”


200 George is one of Australia’s most environmentally advanced and sustainable buildings. A 6 Star Green Star – Office Design (v3) rating has been attained, representing ‘World Leadership’ in environmental sustainability practices.

Key learning’s from project:

  • The use of a mock up trial area that allowed intended user group to work in the space and use the furniture prior to purchasing and final designs. Feedback gained on usability and suitability to their site-specific tasks.
  • The ergo app for future training on an ongoing basis.
  • If you have to have a fixed standing height work desk, don’t rely on the foot ring of the drafting stool, intro the use of a fixed footrest at fixed height tables. (not ideal, but provides options / adaptability).

Great project team that had the foresight to develop a trial space and gain feedback from users who rotated into the space.

As this was their headquarters, we worked with Mirvac to develop an ergonomics program that was specific to their business. (For a sustainable and safe use of the space information to the user should be provided on an ongoing basis). As part of the Green star ergonomics strategy credit – To address future training needs, we collaborated with Mirvac and their Architectural Computing Specialists to produce Ergonomics user information for their internal app.

The use of Mirvac’s brand guidelines and style guide was used to customise this information for readability and user recognition.